Monday, October 09, 2006

Coming tomorrow.....

I think tomorrow, if I have time, I will be real honest about how I feel towards some people, and things that have been bothering me. I do not think it will be pretty. I know some people are going to be mad..... some may be hurt. It's not that I don't care.... but, some things need to be said. Topics will be(but not limited to) Friends, girls(girls are stupid), relationships, stupid people, and life in general. I am also going to introduce you to "The Porch Productions", "The Batcave", and some characters you need to know about.

If you are included in tomorrows post..... I hope you are not offended. But, I can't promise you anything. By the way, sometimes you just need to know if there is still a spark somewhere...... some things are better left unknown. Peace.........

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Return.....

So, without any details of where I have been for the last few months...... I return! First, I want to say thank you to all of the people who have emailed me asking me for new posts. This is for you.......

I Wonder

I wonder if she knows that I used to think about her everyday? I wonder if she knows that the only reason I ever moved on to someone else is because she left and said she was never coming back to me? I wonder if she knows how much one phone call means when it's from her? I wonder if she knows that when she doesn't call it means even more? I wonder if she would have stayed if she really believed I loved her? I wonder if I showed it enough? I wonder if she really wants to come back, or if she is just lonely? I wonder if I care what the reason is? I wonder if she means what she says? I wonder if she believes what I say? I wonder if she wonders these things about me? I wonder if she has any of the same feelings I do...... every time I see her? I wonder if we can do this? I wonder......

Monday, August 07, 2006

I know you thought I was gone...... but Superman Returns!!!!! Coming back real soon...... can you feel it?

Monday, February 20, 2006


Well, I am off to Alabama fo awhile. That's all I got to say about that.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Start Over......

Can I just start this whole thing over again? I did not do very well the first time, as a matter of fact, some say I completely failed. I can't really argue. I have started things and left them unfinished, I have done the wrong thing more than once, I have given up on people.... including myself, I just did it wrong. So, if you don't mind.... I would like to go to sleep tonight, and when I wake, I would like to start over. I am not greedy... just give me the last ten years back. I promise to do it all different. do it better, do it right. I know I broke it the first time. I didn't mean to. I don't know how to do it better, but I figure if I do the complete opposite of what I did this first time.... I'll be just fine. Some say it was broken before I got control of it, is that possible? Did you give me a broken life from the start? If you did.... why would you do that to me? What did I do to you? Whatever it was... I am sorry. I have been lost for a long time, and I need you to find me. Fix me. Help me. What's that? Fix it myself? Yeah see, I tried that. I am incapable of loving someone, trusting someone, and believing in myself. Which one shall I fix first? And more important, how do I do it? Just give me some answers, a manual, some instructions.... something. Now you want to give me what? Oh, a word of encouragement? Does one of those null and void the thousands of words of unencouragement I got growing up? I didn't know it worked that way. You see, I am starting to think that you did this to me on purpose, that I may have had very little control over anything. I am not mad at you for it, maybe it was just an accident. But, please just hit the reset button... I'll start over and make us both proud. I am too hard, too cold, too afraid, too damaged to start from here. So, I just ask that you give me the fair and level ground that others had before me. Can you do that? Hello?........No? Alright, well thanks for the consideration.


I have not forgot about you. I never will. I miss you, but it's not your fault. I got some good news, and some bad. What do you want first? The good? Alright. Well, where do I start? Your mom and brother semm to be doing ok. They miss you, too. Notre Dame is finally a football powerhouse again, and the Cavs' seem playoff bound. Wish you were here to see this Lebron James kid. He seems to be the next Micheal Jordan.... and he plays in Cleveland!!! Bad news time though.... Remember what I said about Notre Dame being good again? They went to the Fiesta Bowl this year and lost to...... ummmm.... Ohio State. Sorry, but it gets worse..... The Browns still stink, and the Steelers' won the SuperBowl. I wouldn't joke about that buddy..... seems like you still can't beat me! At least I wrote this in your favorite color. Miss ya.

Walk Away

Things are not going well in the relationship. No one here can argue that. We hardly talk, we never see each other, we don't have fun together, we don't laugh, we don't smile. We surely don't fool others. I don't make her feel warm and fuzzy. She feels no love. We don't hold hands. We barely kiss. We don't hold each other.It's not progressing. There is no future in this. We are good friends, but thats all. It sucks...... But, what comes next sucks even more = It's all my fault. I am cold, unattached.... a broken person who has no capability of doing this right. I care. Don't get me wrong. I care alot. I just can't watch her being miserable anymore. I can't see her be sad. Not when it is my fault. She deserves someone, anyone else. I can't make her happy. Someone needs to do it right. She is a great girl. I can't be selfish here..... so I open the door, so she can leave peacefully. Make sure she doesn't turn back. Love....

If you are ever looking for me on-line.... you can find me here at PokerRoom (You cannot beat me), or on Myspace, or on AIM (DjShawn112).... and go here for the most boring Blog ever......Berrrr!

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Real Quick....

Just had to tell you about a friend of mine that has started her own Blog!!!! Yay!!! you always see her on the sidebar leaving comments as BER...... Here is a link to her site... just click and enjoy!!!!!! Bookmark her and visit often!!!!!!

The Truth, That Feeling, Believe It
Click Here

P.S. I am off to the gym, yesterday I was down to 225 lbs.!!!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Credit Cards... by Alex

Credit cards - the devil. The turning wheel of the economy. Actually the turning wheel is greed, or the greed provoked by the government. People are greedy. That's why they are miserable. Everyone wants to have more then the rest. To have more in one aspect of life or another. Whether it is money aspect, knowledge aspect, etc. Seems that's the way things work. Everyone want to go to sleep thinking "Yeah, I got it good... I am better off all the miserable fuckers I know. I got money/friends/brains compared to the people around me. Yeah, I got it good". Smile happily and go to bed.
Why don't we appreciate the conveniences of modern life the way someone from the past would appreciate them if he had them? Why don't we enjoy things the way an African or an Asian would? Why our kids don't play and protect their toys as the poor kids in other countries would? It's not the kid's fault. They are a product of the environment they were brought in. Environment created by their parents. The environment of the parents is created by society. The environment of the society is created by government. A government created by the society. A society created by parents. Parents that were a product of their environment. It's a vicious circle. There is very few that are trying to break that cycle. I think it is important to ask questions and be awake. To think about what is religion, marriage, relationships, happiness. Not just to go with the flow. I think the only way a person can be happy is to be a good person, to do what is right, the way his consciousness tells him (and not rationalize his egoism). It's sounds simple. So simple. People usually expect a complex solution to being happy. They expect a secret mathematical formula to be the key to happiness. I don't think there is one. The credit cards are the ones that keeps in this vicious cycle that we live in.
Look at this rich dude from the commercial, how awesome would it be to be like him. If I was him I would be sooo happy. It might be a little expensive but I will buy this - at least I would be better off. Hi, this plasma TV, yeah this one for $50,000, it says on the specs that it can give blowjobs and cook too. I would like to buy it... how low can you make my monthly payments? It doesn't matter how years would it take me to pay it off. And don't even mention the interest because I am scared I would decide against buying it. Even if the payments are a little over then what I can afford... I will think of something. For a product like this one I will push myself a little harder and make some extra cash. Just as long as I can have it as soon as possible. I will get together with friends at home and we will have a an awesome time. I will use it day and night. I would caress the remote control and we will live happily ever after. I am not sure if I will have any friends left if I have to work all the time in order to afford it? Sure I will have friends. Everyone would want to come look at my TV. I will be the center of attention... and I will answer everyone's questions about it.
Am I exaggerating. Of course I am. But I do it to explain the world around me. That's how I see things. I want to be different too. I want to have something more than the rest of world. Call me crazy. I try to be different and aware. That's why I quit drinking pop and watching TV. And pretend to be a minimalist. I try not to be a sheep. I try to push the door on my little cell. The cell in which I just get the energy sucked out of me. I am not a huge fan of the movie the Matrix but its idea is pretty good. I am one crazy Neo, one Keanu Reeves, one James Dean. A rebel :)
Credit cards are very smart and tricky. Almost magical. You give the cashier the credit card for a second; and then you get whatever it is you are pointing at. Magic wands are for losers... cool wizards have credit cards. They are waaaay more compact then a magic wand. They fit right in your wallet. There probably is an explanation how credit cards work and how we should use them. But why should I bother with that kind of information. The important thing is that I am getting what I want right now. And airplanes fly somehow... even though they are so heavy. But it doesn't matter. What's important is that it lands in Las Vegas. Lately even spending money takes up too much time. It takes energy and time even to go shopping. You have to think what you want, get inspiration to go buy it. It's easier to just throw your money away... as long as it is commonly accepted. How about the chance to win more money... that's it. As long as other people gamble... then I can do that too. It doesn't matter how I would spend more money then I have right now... I can't even think of what to buy. But I will think about that later.
Yeah... I overdid the philosophical part in this post. I think that is enough for today. I am going to go eat something... something with lots of preservatives and chemicals in it. I wish my mom can cook me something right now.

Monday, January 02, 2006

A Little Bit of This......And That!


My favorite restaurant in my area is Damon's Grill... If you do not have one in your area, it is a place for Ribs, Steak and Spirits... I love the food and the atmosphere. I also love that they have a bunch of big screen TV's to watch all your favorite sporting events. They also have NTN Buzztime trivia!!! None of my friends care for it too much, nor does my girlfriend... But, since it is my favorite, I get to go there!!! Why don't they like it, you ask? Well, the service is horrible, you rarely get things the way you order it, and it usually takes forever. I like it because you never know what you are gonna get... And you always have something to laugh about. If you expect the unexpected... This is the place for you. I'll give you a few examples... You be the judge.
  • There is one particular waitress that takes your order, then you don't see her again until it is time to pay the bill... As an added bonus, if you pay with a credit card, she will not bring you a pen. As a matter a fact, she has been heard saying this.... Wait for it...... "You brought your own pen, right?"
  • If you want to play NTN Buzztime trivia, the same waitress will surprise you with the fact that she does not know what a Playmaker is( the gameboard that you play trivia on ). They have had this trivia system for many years! She will give you a look kinda similar to a puppy tilting his head when he is confused.
  • You might not get everything exactly how you want it. I always ask for a water and a Coke... I usually get one of the two. I always say "No lemon in my water".... ( I like my water to taste like water, not Pledge) I usually get the lemon anyhow. I like extra dressing with my salad... never get it. Your food will not be cooked how you like it, and they may forget something. Expect it.
  • It takes them at least 2 hours to clean off a dirty table. There seems to be no hurry or method to cleaning... first, they may take the dishes off.... and whatever the next step is will be a half hour later. It is funny how the tip will be picked up immediately after the customers leave.
  • When you do play trivia, the questions appear on one of the big screen Tv's, and you answer them on your Playmaker. Sometimes there is a retard in the bar that wants to yell the answers out loud. You know that person.... there are 14 people playing, but this person wants to ruin the game for everyone. I have no problem telling the person to stop yelling out the answers, but it doesn't matter. On a side note.... Advice to you people who like to shout out the answers.... Please shout out the right answer, because it is sad and embarassing to show the world how stupid you are.
So, those are some minor reasons.... but, they have the best after dinner mints..... ever! If you have any good or bad stories from Damon's, or any other places.... leave a comment!

New Years' Eve
(some events from the night)

"My Taxidermist Did My....."

This a very short story... but, too funny to leave out. I was at the bar and Shaf was talking to one of his buddies.... all I heard was this.... "Last year my taxes got all messed up when I took them to my taxidermist." Well enough said I guess. For those who do not want their taxes messed up.... do not take them to someone who stuffs animals( a taxidermist ).... just take them to an accountant.

I Told You to Move to Nebraska....

I swear I told you to move to Nebraska... I was trying to help. Just think if you would have listened! You could have been partying there, you could have been happy because Nebraska beat Michigan 32-28 in the Alamo Bowl! Oh yeah... and you would not have got punched in the mouth by Lauren like I said was going to happen. Not only are you responsible for getting yourself beat up... but, also that big motherfucker that decided to help you. You guys want a play by play real quick, don't you? Ok, I got you................ So we are on the dance floor, having a good time.... and "Hat Girl" comes and tries to dance with me because she wants my New Years' hat. ( IRONIC ) Anyway, I tell her to get off me.... And Lauren comes over and says.... "Remember me?"
Hat Girl: "Yes"
Lauren: "You wanna talk shit now?"
Hat Girl: "Listen I don't want any problems, I am grown"
Lauren: "Ok then apologize to me"
Hat Girl: "I am not apologizing for anything"
Lauren puts her drink and purse down
Lauren: "Apologize"
Hat Girl: "Fuck Y....."
(sentence not finished due to Laurens' fist in her mouth)
Lauren continues to beat her ass... and some 400 pound dude grabs Lauren. Mistake. So Shaf runs at him and pulls him off of her, then punches him in the mouth. I can't just let Shaf handle this big boy on his own (even though I am sure he could have taken him out by himself )... anyways, is that not what your boys are for? So, as we play Pinball with this dude's face.... he goes down quickly. He gets up, with help of his friends, and says "Who hit me?"... Bro, you know who hit you. Go clean off your face, and call it a night. Don't ever put your hands on a girl. And Hat Girl..... I don't think hats are your thing.

Pop The Cork..... Or Don't!

I am very disappointed at the "11th Hour Nite Club" for not providing Champagne for New Years' Eve! You don't have to give it away for free.... sell it! You could have made a few bucks. Instead we had free shots of Apple Pucker and 7-Up? What is that? Pucker is used to flavor other liqours... it is very weak. I had to be a dick to people, even as I was agreeing with them. They were complaining about the weak shots, as I was telling them to zip it.... because they were free. The bar dropped the ball......

So, that was New Years' Eve.... exciting! What did you do? Tell me!

Browns' Game Trip.....

Alphabet Game

You all know this game.... on a long road trip, you find signs with words that go in order of the alphabet.... you know like "A"= Allstate.... "B"= Burger King.... etc, etc. Lauren sometimes likes to cheat. For example.... One day we were playing and we were on "D".... Lauren says "J.D. Byrider!!!" Ok No. In the same game we were on "F".... and she says "422 Motel".... No! "It starts with an "F".... the number 4 does start with an "F".... but that is cheating. That is like seeing a picture of a tree and saying "T"! Speaking of "T".... we were on the way to the Browns game, we were playing this game.... we were on "H" and Lauren screams out "Through!" She was dead serious guys..... and it starts with a "T". We continue the game until we get to "Q"... we struggle for about a half an hour, and everyone just gave up. The car breaks down on the highway... it over heated, so we had to wait for it to cool down. Fun. We finally get rolling, and Lauren decides to call her retarded ex ( who irons his underwear ) for the best way to get to downtown Cleveland.... and she is talking to him and says "We just passed a sign that said Toledo......", so he tells us we went too far and to turn around. I had no idea why we were getting off the highway.... until she told me. I am like "We are going the right way.... get back on the highway." We can't find the highway, so we stop at a Fire Station for directions. Listen, there are 500 signs that say Toledo.... as a matter of fact, they go all the way to Toledo. As we are getting back on the highway.... Lauren yells out "Quiet!" I was confused because no one was talking..... she was still playing the alphabet game.

By the way... the Browns won, but who cares? They still suck, and The STEELERS' are going to the playoffs!

Sexy Fat Guy

I have started to go to the gym again..... I was 235 when I started, and after one week I am down to 227! Just wait 'til I get really going..... I am gonna be a stud again. I mean not that I haven't always been! You've got to admit that I am one sexy fat guy!

Monday, December 26, 2005

"Two Tickets to Hell Please"......

So, Xmas is over.... thankfully! Don't get me wrong..... I hope everyone had a great time, and I hope you got everything you wanted. If you did not get everything you wanted, remember this.... if you did not lose any family members or friends this year..... you got plenty. That's what it is all about.

Every Xmas day I get some friends together and go to the movies, this year was no exception. It was just me and Brandon this year, and we decided to go to see "The Ringer" with Johnny Knoxville. Ok, so you know when you buy a ticket to this movie... you also get a ticket to HELL!!!! I mean it.... I did not know that it was buy one get one free.... but, I soon found out. This movie is a test from Jesus.... if you laugh at mentally challenged people.... you go to H E double hockey sticks. I swear. Johnny Knoxville acts retarded ( more retarded than normal ), and the rest of the cast is actual retarded people...... so, how the fuck can you laugh at that? Seriously, I know this movie is meant to make you laugh... but don't. It has no plot, bad acting, and the only funny parts..... are stuff you should not laugh at. Many times, Brandon looked at me and said.... "We are going to Hell." It's true. We went to see this movie on Jesus' Birthday... that is like first class ticket to Hell shit.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What's New?


FER graduated from YSU on Sunday!!!! Yay! Congratulations babe, I am proud of you! No more going straight from work to school.... more time for me!!!! Sweet! Everyone say Congrats to her!!!!!!

Annoying Me.....

Someone is really starting to annoy me.... hopefully you know who you are. I cannot stand when people are so selfish that they simply care about themselves. That's all on that......

Keep on Truckin'.....

Yeah, so I bought a truck. What's that? Oh, I know you haven't seen it.... that's probably because we cannot find the owner of the title to get another copy.... which we need! Great.... it's like I made a donation to the guy that sold it to me. Merry Christmas!

Toys For Tots.....

Do yourself a favor.... donate a toy to Toys For Tots. Imagine if you were a kid and got nothing for Xmas.... come on! When you were a kid, how long did you anticipate Xmas? I bet it was like the day after Thanksgiving. Not convinced yet? Ok, so if you have kids..... I magine not being able to afford to get them anything.... how embarrassing. What's it gonna cost you? No more than $20... I promise. One unwrapped toy will go for miles in a childs heart. You'll feel good about yourself. Still not convinced? Ok, so do it for me..... No, really. Instead of buying me something that I don't need.... take that money and buy a new, unwrapped toy and drop it off at a Fire Dept. Kids are our future, and they are the ones that matter.


Some holiday advice..... really it can be used any time of the year. If you are a guy, and you are drunk in a bar.... please don't get "Beer Balls".... please don't talk out of your ass.... please don't make me, or one of my boys, punch you in your mouth. Thanks. If you are a girl that likes to wear your hat in the bar..... because you think you are special.... make sure you can back it up. Don't wait until someone is holding back the other girl, or don't keep saying "I am gonna give you 3 seconds to get out of my face"..... once you say it twice..... it has already been like 8 seconds. You might as well say " I am gonna give you 4 days to get out of my face". By the way, if you are reading this, I would move to Nebraska if I were you..... right now. No? Ok, I am sure someone is gonna see you this weekend.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's That Time of Year....Again.

Yeah, it's halfway over.... that's what I keep trying to tell myself. Most people start their countdown near midnight on New Years' Eve.... I start mine the day before Thanksgiving. See, I can't wait for the holidays to be over, they never go fast enough. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years' are all great times... don't get me wrong, but they are all family holidays..... something I don't have. It's great when you have a nice, close family.... you all get together on Thanksgiving, you get to see people you haven't had the chance to in awhile, you get to eat great food, watch football with the guys.... and go home stuffed, and loved. It's great. Christmas brings all the parties.... you go to the aunts' on one night, you go to grandmas' on another, then everyone comes to your house. You exchange gifts, you drink, you laugh, you love. Once again, it's great. I guess New Years' is more for friends than family... but alot of families go to dinner to talk about the year, the good, the bad, and all the unreal resolutions for the year to come.

It's a little different for me..... see, I don't do any of those things. Why? Well, the one common factor in all those things is family. I don't have one of those. Never really did. Not alot of you guys know my past.... I usually like it that way. You want to know what makes me who I am? My family... or lack thereof. I have no childhood memories before the age of nine.... I've blocked them out for some reason, probably to protect myself. I cannot remember once in my life hearing "I Love You" from my mother or my father. No lie. Not once. I never knew what love was until about five years ago.... matter of fact, I am still unsure. I have tried many times to reconcile relations with my family.... but, nothing will ever come of that, as long as the other side is unwilling to admit they made some mistakes. Listen, I know you read this sometimes..... say you are sorry for some stuff, say you love me, do something before it is too late.... I don't want to go through this again next year, I don't know if I can. I don't want to cry in the middle of the day for no apparent reason, I don't want to cry myself to sleep, I don't want to hurt anymore. Can you understand that I am half a person because of this emptiness? Please, just pick up the phone and call me.

I been in a funk lately.... I guess you may be able to see why now. I sometimes just want to sleep all day.... see, if I am sleeping... I can't think of these things. I am depressed right now. I miss Ben. I miss my family.

"More Than Anyone"

You need a friend
I'll be around
Don't let this end
Before I see you again
What can I say to convince you
To change your mind of me?
I'm going to love you more than anyone
I'm going to hold you closer than before
And when I kiss your soul, your body'll be free
I'll be free for you anytime
I'm going to love you more than anyone
Look in my eyes, what do you see?
Not just the color
Look inside of me
Tell me all you need and I will try
I will try
I'm going to love you more than anyone
I'm going to hold you closer than before
And when I kiss your soul, your body'll be free
I'll be free for you anytime
I'm going to love you more than anyone
Free for you, whenever you need
We'll be free together baby
Free together baby
I'm going to love you more than anyone
I'm going to hold you closer than before
And when I kiss your soul, your body'll be free
I'll be free for you anytime
I'm going to love you more than anyone
I'm going to love you more than anyone

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Some pics of friends.......

This is DjB-Fresh (on your left).... lives in Alabama now....... Miss Ya! He is a great DJ... learned from the best! Can't wait 'til you come home for X-mas!!! Go see him at MySpace.....
  • CLICK HERE....DJ B-Fresh!!!
  • Next to him here is his brother.... what's wrong with this picture? One is white and one is black.... oh he isn't? Tell him that.... Josh!!!! You are White!!!!! And you look kinda tough in this pic.... wanna throw down? Lol... Love ya kid! You can see him at MySpace as well.....

    This is Brew.... still lives here for now.... he has been a very good friend.... Love Ya! YOU CAN GO SEE HIS PAGE HERE.....

    This Alex- or "Bulgarian".... he is my roommate and friend.... he is really cool, and really smart if he'll let you get to know him..... (Just give him some medicine.... aka... beer!) YOU CAN SEE HIM ON MYSPACE.......
  • CLICK HERE....The Bulgarians' Page!!!

  • Ok if you are sober..... raise your hand.... not so fast fellas! So, Shaff is on your left, Alex in the middle, then me on your right. Shaff is a really cool cat.... got my back always and I got yours.

    We have a bunch of girls and the Prince... big surprise! Clockwise: Britt (who is about as cool and sweet as you can get), Amber (crazy, crazy, and crazy.... she is fun as hell!), Sara (so cute, a sweetheart), Amy ( crazy when she is drunk), Prince (whore.... a great friend..... for life bro). By the way that's Big Steve in the backround!

    Captain Morgan himself....Bri.... he is a crazy, funny dude. If you don't know... you better ask somebody!

    What kind of gangsta face am I making? Looks like I gotta doo doo.... Anyway, your left to right.... Sandy (a real cool gal), Ethrees (or Eric... who cannot call anyone), Lauren (yes, her shirt says "Hugs not Drugs"), and me.

    Whoever started the rumor that Lauren was drunk..... oh, forget it... she was. Listen, Lauren is the coolest girl I know.... she is sweet, smart, and will not take your shit. She is always right.... and she loves to watch men make out with each other..... What?! Friend for life... unless you cheat on Shaff.... then we gotta cut a bitch! LOL.....

    Is this not the best smile ever? So drunk.... I think you drank yourself retarded.... Hey Shaff, what's the worst part of winning the special olympics? Even if you win, your still retarded! Do you guys like the dog we are holding between us?

    If one more person says we were drunk!!!!!!! Who is holding who up here?

    Don't cha wish you girlfriend was hot like me? Britt and Cassie.

    Hey turn the flash up! Kara and Sara!
    See Kara here........

  • See Sara here........

  • This is Vinnie.... look familiar? It's my twin!!!! Wanna hear something funny??? My ex (you know, the devil) dated him after she dated me..... wonder why? He is a cool dude.... see him here.....

  • "When The Night Falls Down....."

    When the night falls down around me,
    And there is nothing left to see....
    Where do we go, who are we?

    We are sinners, we are lovers,
    We are dirty under covers,
    We are sisters, cousins, brothers.

    Don't you want it now?
    Does it matter how?
    Whether it's fair or foul?

    We learn from mothers, we learn from fathers,
    When we are sons, when we are daughters...
    What do we learn when they don't bother?

    We have to learn from mistakes,
    'Cuz we seal our own fates...
    And it's never too late.

    They don't make us who we are,
    Even though they create our scars...
    We create our own destiny, by far!

    When the night falls down around me,
    And there is nothing left to see....
    Where do we go, And who are we?

    Original by Shawn

    Tuesday, December 06, 2005

    Don't read this!... by Alex

    Pain is what defines us. What makes our life good? How do we know we are having a good time? How do we know something makes us happy? I guess I didn't really think about those questions hard enough to think of an answer. But... its pain what makes us enjoy things, its boredom that makes us have a good time, its misery that makes us happy. And what makes us a free... is the opportunity to be able to get away and bend/break the rules sometimes. Can you imagine if your car had a chip that would transmit to the police station every time you hit 36 in 35mph speed limit zone? Technically you are breaking the law if you go over the speed limit. And imagine instanteneously getting a ticket printed from you dashboard. Welcome to the matrix.
    Now... what makes pretty girls pretty? That's right... you guessed it. The ugly ones. We can't appreciate beauty if there was nothing ugly. So don't be mean to the ugly ones... they have their purpose. Plus beauty is a very relative thing. Although there are some standards in whats beautiful and what isn't... its usually what you make of it. Thank god people have different taste... otherwise some people will be very miserable... :)
    What I am trying to say is... it's all good. And quit bitching.
    P.S. I told you not to read this.

    Random Thoughts.... (and Snakes)

    It has been couple weeks, and you guys have been blowing up my email.... so, I guess it's that time. Time to post......


    It is that time of year again.... Christmas! Well, I don't really do the holidays anymore.... You know? It's like a family time of year, a time to get with the family, see the cousins that you haven't seen or talked to in forever. You see everyone that you don't normally talk to, you go to the grandmas house that you don't even like, you send cards to people that you don't want to call... etc. I think it's is alot of being fake, I think you don't talk to those people all year for a reason, I think it has become a Hallmark holiday, a corporate holiday.... you know a time to spend the money you don't have, it's all bull! And you know what else????????? I miss it. I wish sometime I had what you have.... a family to be with, fight with, eat and get drunk with.... etc. I envy you. Yes, you. All the stuff you hate doing around the holidays.... I miss it. So be thankful. Be thankful you have your family, be thankful you have your best friend by your side.... please.... do it for me. Be nice, say "I Love You", give a hug, tell them you miss them.... they won't always be there.

    My Girl.....

    Things have been good between me and my girl. I have not seen alot of her lately... you see she is about to graduate from YSU, and the nights have been filled with alot of studying and doing assignments to wrap up the school year. So.... it's been a test for me as well because I love seeing her. I been very patient.... because I adore her. I am sure things will get better very shortly.... not that they aren't good..... but you know more is always better! Keep studying baby..... and be prepared for many long nights..... ;)...... I am not sure if I am allowed to call her "My Girl" yet..... am I babe?

    "They Chase Me In the Parking Lot!!!"

    This is almost too funny to post... and it will be even funnier to those of us that were there. Ok, so let me set the scene.... day after Thanksgiving (you know.... the worst day to shop!), and I go shopping with Shaff and Lauren for their kids Christmas gifts.... so we get there and get a cart, and to the toys we go! So, Lauren starts grabbing stuff and filling the cart.... while me and Shaff kept asking if we could go to the electronics..... "NO" was the answer every time. So, me and Shaff start throwing a ball around.... "STOP IT RIGHT NOW".... ok, ok..... geez! So I put on a Darth Vader mask to entertain myself.... and others! Then we get our chance..... "GO SEE WHAT TIME LAYAWAY CLOSES".... so, we go. As soon as we turn the corner we see a kid who works there and ask him..... so we get the answer, and run to the electronics. We come back ten minutes later.... and the cart is filled! We grab another cart to catch the overflow, and Luaren says "I THINK I GOT LIKE $300 SPENT HERE". I tell her it's more like $400, but Lauren can never be wrong (it just feels too good being right). So we are almost done.... just need to get an outfit for a little girl.... easy right? Well Lauren finds one rather quickly, all that she needs to find is a plain white tee shirt to go with it. A half hour later... no white tee. I thought Shaff was gonna lose it. LOL. So we head to the Layaway.... we hurry up and get in line, just seconds before some lady with two things.... she is patient for like 2 seconds and says " Jesus... I only have two things!!!" Lol. I know, right? So she leaves... I mean is Layaway for two things anyway? I mean I understand if it is a TV and Playstation.... but I swear she had a pair of Wranglers' and a Snickers bar! So, we get to the counter... and it is already chaos in there! They had cookies and punch.... but they were way gone! Dammit! Our cashier was Velma ( it was Velma, not Velva... Lauren! ), she was a sweet older lady.... anyway.... I was acting silly as I always do, just to make people laugh. I start loading stuff on the counter so she can scan them.... and things are going fine. Then, as I put three of the fakest looking snakes on the counter.... she flipped, blew a gasket, totally freaked out. I thought she was not so serious.... so I pick one up and shake it in her face.... well, she was serious. Let me see if I can reinact this for you..... "AHHHHH, OH NO, OH NO.... I CAN'T DO IT.... YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND.... AHHHHH... PLEASE....."(as another cashier has to come and scan them)..... "OH MY....AHHHH.... THEY CHASE ME IN THE PARKING LOT.... YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND....AHHHHH!" So that kinda killed the mood.... so I start complaining that the cookies and punch was gone to change the subject.... and I got us some new cookies and punch... which was awesome! "SO, YOUR TOTAL IS $512.43"..... Ha!!!!! Anyway, the punch was so good.... and on our way out I told everyone I could about the free cookies and punch..... one lady was like "GOOD LOOKING OUT".... sweet. Lauren was like "I am never taking you anywhere!!!" lol.... In the parking lot, I told two little kids about the freebies, and their Mom like grab them and run.... like I was gonna abduct them!!! Hey, lauren.... "HEY KID... NICE EARMUFFS!!!"

    Friday, November 25, 2005

    Medicine... by Alex

    Most of the time I am quiet and shy. Its a disease some foreigners have. Good thing there is medicine for this. Beer. My suggestion is that, if you want to meet me or talk to me... try to do it when I am drunk (or tipsy). I might even say something funny. Unfortunately I am not drunk (or tipsy) very often. What sucks about this medicine is the side effects - puking, hangover, being stupid, etc. What to do?
    Tiny piece of information about Bulgaria - No, we don't have Thanksgiving in Bulgaria... the Pilgrims passed up Bulgaria when traveling with their ships. And if the Pilgrims killed a cat instead of a turkey, then we... we wouldn't be eating turkey on Thanksgiving.
    Keep it real!

    Tuesday, November 22, 2005

    So, What Do You Do When.....

    Hi Guys.... I know it's been about a week and a half since I posted anything with real meaning.... so, here I am. Don't think I am doing it for you, though. Don't get it twisted... Lol! This is, and always will be, for me. But, I will admit that the dozen or so emails I received did make me motivated.... so, Thank You!

    Shout out!
    I got to give a shout out to Shaff.... it's his Birthday! Everyone please send him a Happy Birthday here....! Happy Birthday bro! Love Ya!

    So, What Do You Do When.....

    • ... You don't feel the same as she/he does?
    What do you do? How do you say it? How do you spare someones feelings? I don't know.... but, I do know that you do have to be honest. You have to do what feels right to you, or what your heart tells you to. If you don't do those two things.... all will fall down. It is not an easy thing to do, not at all. And it definitely is not easy to hear. You ever been on the opposite end of that conversation? It sucks. You are usually surprised, hurt, maybe mad. Hurt has to be the strongest emotion there though. Basically someone is telling you that you are not the one they want, maybe you are not good enough for them, maybe you are a bad kisser.... who knows. They always say things like...."It's not you, it's me", or " I just don't want a boyfriend right now." Ok, let me set things straight.... it is you, and they do want someone... just not you. Sorry. So, what do you do? Well if you are the one giving the news.... it is ok, just be honest. No one can blame you for being honest.... just keep in mind that you are dealing with someones' feelings, and maybe their heart. And don't say "We can still be friends".... You know why? Because the first time he or she got up the courage to call you.... they were not thinking "I hope she will be my friend." Not saying that the other person does not want to be your friend.... but, just don't say it. If you are recieving the news, just be quiet and listen. Don't ask questions... just say ok. Nothing you have to say will change it. The other person thought this out. Don't say too much, because when you are hurt, or mad..... you say stupid things. You won't mean what you say.... so save it. Thank the other person for being honest. Tell them "I understand".... even if you do not. Remember, this is not easy for them either....

    • ... When you lose a friend?

    There are many ways you can lose a friend... you can do something to hurt them, they can do something to hurt you, when you lose a girlfriend/boyfriend.... you are usually losing your best friend, but I am talking about losing a friend to death. Particularly, a best friend. I don't know if I even know how to handle this. I lost Ben about 2 years ago, and I have not even been close to closure. So, on this one... I am really looking for an answer. I think of him daily, and it usually hurts. I always think of the good things, not the bad. I always smile... I sometimes cry. Holidays are always the toughest.... I can only think how the family deals.... I used to see them every Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's hard. I have to think that God had a bigger plan for him, but I am not sure I believe that. I get mad sometimes. I sometimes feel like he took part of me with him... the best parts. I don't feel like I have said enough here, but I don't wanna talk about it anymore. Like I said, it hurts.


    I have added Alex to my blog, so he can post some stuff in English. Alt of you know him from my links on the side.... "The Bulgarians Page". Alot of you know him in person as well. Many of you have gone to his page to see that it is not in English! Although, occassionally he will post something we can read. Many of you have requested him to post in English, so I added him here.... and you will soon be able to read some stuff from Alex!

    Ok, I have only had this posted for a couple hours.... and I have recieved 3 emails and about 5 IMs asking me if I don't feel the same about FER as she feels about me? And some of you have said I better not have hurt her! Seems like some of you really like her.... as do I. Don't worry I feel the same about her today, as I have all along. I adore her! She is so beautiful, sweet, smart.... etc. The post was just in general.... with a little personal experience.

    Thursday, November 17, 2005


    Party Pics......

    Click here to See Some of the PARTY PICS!!!!!!


    Tuesday, November 15, 2005



    As a said before, the party was really good. I am still waiting on the pics so I can make a real post. Stay tuned.......

    Football Picks

    I went 11-3 on my football picks this week. And Prince has been on a crazy winning streak lately... something like 24-3 over the last 3 weeks. Wow.

    Weight Loss

    I am formally challenging everyone to a weight loss contest. Not that any of us are fat, but we all have a few extra pounds. You know who you are... Prince, Shaff, Lauren, Murph, Irish, and myself... etc. etc. Let's take a 3 month period and see who can lose the most weight. I bet I can beat you all. I need to know your weight now, and I'll update your progress every week. We will all be better for this.... even though I know most of you are wimps and are scared to lose. Email me your current weight... mine is 230. Fatty.
    Any females that want to participate.... I will not post your beginning weight.... just how much you lost. I know it is a sensitive subject.


    One of my friends recently made a big mistake and did something to hurt another friend. You will lose some friends over this, but understand that we have all made mistakes. We have all lost friends. A true friend would not abandon you, and a true friend will still be there. Understand this though... A real friend is allowed to be disappointed in you, and they are allowed to tell you exactly how they feel. We are always afraid to say how we feel, and a real friend is not. You messed up. As long as you know that you made a mistake and you learn a lesson from it you'll be ok. You are certainly gonna lose one friend, but you deserve that. You surely didn't consider that person a good friend anyway, based on your actions. As for me? I always put you up on a pedestal, you were perfect... I am mad and disappointed. But, you know what? I still love you, and always will. Learn from this.


    Everyone has been asking. Everyday. I don't have an answer for you. I am not sure what this is. I am not sure where it is going. I am not sure how she feels. As much as we talk, and as open as she has been with me... I don't ever know how she feels. I been trying to read her( it's a mistake I always make ), and I am not sure what to think. Most of you know that I am really sensitive to things most people overlook. Example? Ok, so FER had a wedding to go to this weekend in Vegas ( you know what happens there stays there ), and she left on Friday. I got to see her last Tuesday ( a whole week ago.... sigh ) when she came over to watch one of my favorite TV shows.... The Office. We also watched a great new show called Random 1. She came over because she knew that we would not see each other for a week ( I think I also whined a little bit ). She stayed longer than she planned to, and didn't seem to wanna leave. But, she had to.... and I walked her to her car and got the best kiss yet. She is a fantastic kisser, you know. So, she was leaving on Friday... I decided to get up early so I could talk to her... and she was pleasantly surprised. I told her to have a good time, stay away from the boys, and call me whenever. Well, whenever has not come yet......
    I should not be disappointed in this. But, I am. I just knew she was gonna call... I mean I knew she was gonna be busy, and I knew she was gonna be having so much fun.... but, she could not go all weekend without talking to me. You know why I knew this? She calls me everyday when she is here. Also, I knew I could not go the whole weekend without talking to her. No way. Well, I did. I don't know. I am crazy about this girl. I wish we would have gotten together last time, and stayed together. Maybe I am crazy.
    Anyway, watch The Office tonight... and, Random 1.


    Well, as most of you know I have a job interview today.... Yay. Sarcasm. I am really trying to get into a non-profit organization, and it is not as easy as it seems. Hopefully, I will win the MegaMillions lottery tonight. 310 million dollars. $310,000,000. Say it out loud... it sounds so good.

    Saturday, November 12, 2005

    The Party was Crazy.......

    I just wanted to let everyone know that the party was awesome!!! I will have a complete post tomorrow with pictures of some of you drunk fucks!!! I would do it now, but I am still recovering from our 3 day bender! Thank you for coming..... Prince, Shaff, Lauren, Bri, Vicki, Britt, Sara, Stoops, Steve, Ber, Jason, Karpenko, Tommy, Cassie, Kenny, Lindsay, Ramsey, Sandy, Ernest, Ernest 2, Herb, CJ, Jess,Stephanie, Kara, Amanda, Lori, Ethrees, Bulgarian, Adam, Fife, Frank, Amy, Anne Marie..... and whoever else I forgot to mention!
    Shawns' Diet for the Party Night
    • 2 Bud Lights in a can
    • 2 Captain and gingerales(Mostly Captain)
    • 4 CherryBombs
    • 2 JagerBombs
    • 3 Captain and Cokes(Mostly Captain)
    • 2 Shots of CrownRoyal
    • 2 Bud Light bottles
    • Perkins open face turkey sandwich at 3 am!

    Pics and details later!!!!!!!

    Tuesday, November 08, 2005

    What I Like About You... You Really Know How to Dance!

    I am bored... so, I decided to tell you what I like about you.
    Click on each name and you will see something that reminds me of each person!

    Shaffer (Laurens Husband)- I like the fact that you are real. I like that you always have my back. I like the fact that you are so in Love with your wife. I like the fact that your kids, family and friends mean the world to you. I like all the stuff you know about cars.... since I know nothing. I like that you know all the words to every Eminem song. I like that you remind me of a hard-ass thug, but still you can be laid back. I like that whenever we go out.... we have a blast! I like the fact that you have been a good friend.

    Lauren (Shaffers Wife)- Just like your husband... I like that you are real. I like the fact that you hate girls.... lol. I like that you fight back. I like the fact that you Love your man so much. I like how you adore your kids. I like that I can make you laugh. As a matter of fact, I like your laugh. I like how bitchy you can be. I like when we all go out, cuz I like how much you can drink. I like the fact that we are friends. i like the fact that you like FER.

    "Prince"- I like that you have been a good friend through much shit. I like that you have the best pick-up lines ever. I like that you are obsessed with sports like me. I like that even though you don't have to... you go to college. I like the fact that you have more girlfriends than most girls do. I like that we have alot in common. I like that you can listen and give advice like no other. I like that you have been there.

    Brew- I like that we have been through so much in a friendship over ten years, and we still can manage to understand each other. I like that you can dance like no one else. I like that you can sing. I like that you can write. I like Laffy Taffy.... not. I like that you have found a woman that deserves you. I like that you have goals. I like that you have a big shoulder to lean on even though you may be 5' tall. Kidding. I like that you are the best basketball player that I ever played with. I like that you are the second best shortstop I know. LOL. I like everything you have taught me.

    Sara- I like that you could care less what people think about you. I like that you love to dance... best white girl dancer around. LOL. I like that you can drink like a fish. I like that you belch like a man. I like the way you smile. I like the way you frown. I like that you are so laid back. I like the way I imagine us being friends sometimes. I like that you showed that pole what was up. I like that you let me put this pic, and this pic, and this pic, and this pic on here!

    Ber- I like that we have been friends for awhile. I like that you act like a guy most of the time. I like your raunchy sense of humor. I like that you can eat more pills than anyone I know. I like that your eyes cross when you are fucked up. I like that you are fun.

    Bulgarian- I like that you are foreign. LOL. I like that you are care-free. I like that you don't need materialistic things in your life. I like that you scream into the phone. I like that you eat Feta with everything. I like that you are honest. I like that you love movies, but hate television. I like that you like alot of good music. I like that you take sexy pictures of yourself. LOL. I like knowing you. I like your goals, and dreams. I like that we are friends.

    "FER"- I like you. I could just leave it at that.... but, I can't. I like your smile. I like when you laugh so hard, you have to put the phone down. I like being able to make you laugh that hard. I like talking on the phone for hours about nothing with you. I like that you would rather go to Vegas than come to our B-day Party!!! Whatever. I like when you call me bastard. I like when you feed the dog. LOL. I like how "unique" up on rabbits. I like that we did not lose each other. I like thinking we never will. I like that you are really sweet. I like that you are really smart. I like that you are so cute... it lets you get away with calling me bastard.
    I like that you like me. Maybe that's your best quality. HAHA. I like that Lauren likes you.... thank God. I like to imagine that I can be what you want me to be. I like you. I think I always will.....
    I like that this pic, this pic, this pic, and this pic mean nothing to anyone other than us! Here I am babe... I got dressed up for you in this pic!

    Saturday, November 05, 2005

    Birthdays come and Birthdays go....

    So, my long anticipated birthday has come and gone, even though I am tempted to celebrate my Birth for a week like some of my friends have Let's recap my day..... I had some errands to run during the day, so that was fun.... and I had a date planned with a friend of mine... I have to admit she is much more than a friend to me, but I will refrain from putting a title on us, so not to jinx us. I am not quite sure how she would like me to refer her as.... so i don't want to put expectations there. It is safe to say everyone will be seeing much more of her for a long time. For those of you that met her last night... you know her name, and can see what a beautiful, sweet girl she is. For those of you who didn't meet her... hopefully you will soon. If you mean anything to me, you definitely will have a chance to meet her. I will refer to her as FER until you all know her. God knows last time I wrote someones name on here.... she had a panic attack. Anyways, FER took my to dinner for my Day, and got me a lovely gift (I Love It), then we decided to head up to the "11th Hour" in the dome to see some friends. I was quite surprised to see some of my old friends there as well! Kenny, who I grew up with and is quite possibly the baddest motherfucker I know, showed up with Steve. I used to run with these guys back in the day, and they got me in quite a bit a trouble back then.... I love them like family. Also, Cutty was there... I also ran with him in the day, and with him was an old friend Amanda. Prince was there of course, and he was wasted by the time I left. Shaff, and his wife Lauren were there... and they are the reason I stopped up for the night. Lauren and I did way too many shots.... she was really gone by the time I left. I tried to get her to fight a girl we both cannot stand, but she wasn't that drunk yet. I kept telling her to knock her out.... which would have been easy for you Lauren. Her time will come shortly I predict. (Aren't you all curious who the girl is?... I know you are and will gossip about it all week!). Shaff hung out with us all night, and we had a good time. I was really happy because Lauren "The hater of all girls", told me that she approved of FER!!! This is no small acheivement, largely because she hates all girls... ok, not all, just 97.9% of them. She says "Shawn, I like her... she is cute! Don't fuck it up." Lol. Good advice. Lauren likes to point out my terrible choice in girls over the last year, and she is 100% correct. None of them have been serious relationships, probably because I was just choosing them over lonliness. Lauren likes to call them "Ho bags". No comment. Anywho.... who else was there? Ber wished me a Happy B-day! Cassie wished a Happy Day. Big Murph also. Britt, Jess, Wendy, Kara, "name deleted" (LOL), and Sara were also there. None of whom said 2 words to me all night (heart breaks... lol). I take that back... Sara gave me a half-hearted hug and may have said Happy Birthday. Like I said before, you learn who is a friend, and who is fake as you go through life. One girl, whose name I am not to mention, told Lauren she is mad at me because I called her fake. Too bad... you are. I had a few emails from some friends that are coming to the big Party on NOV. 11th.(Read Below).

    I had a great night with you FER, and am glad you had fun too. I'll make sure March 4th rocks as well! Everyone should be as lucky as us. If everyone does not know... Me and FER talked briefly when I was DeeJaying at JayJays... we lost contact, and have recently found each other again. It's great. Like I said, everyone should be as lucky.....

    As far as the party goes... what should you expect? Well, Myself, Shaff, Lauren, Prince, Vicki and Bri will be wasted. It would probably be a bad idea to cause drama that night. Lol. Last time that happened.... well if you were there, you remember.... broken noses, hospital visits, etc. Armando will be dancing like a Mexican idiot on the floor, you should come just to see this. He is great, and full of energy. Speaking of dancing... I am tired of all you people who think you can dance! I must admit some of the girls can dance, but they have different equipment. I am bringing some of my old crew... Brew, Curtis, Cutty, Pat, maybe even break dancing Gary.... and the beautiful Jax may be there.... we used to go to clubs just to dance. We will see whats up.... Hey Brew and Curtis, don't you wish Benny was still here? He may have been the worst dancer ever, but he didn't know. Quite frankly, I don't think he would have cared.... and neither did we.(RIP).... Brew might be the best dancer I know, and has taught me alot. Period. And ladies beware, Curtis may be the prettiest thing you have ever seen. And he knows it. Even though it's funny cuz BDG thinks he is both. LOL. Keep your shirt on Gary! Let's see... the crazy Bulgarian will be there, and if we are lucky enough.... Ethrees will join us. Wish I could get a hold of Farsetti! And I wish B-Randon was here and not 'Bama! Alot of old friends and alot of new..... details below.... peace!

    There seem to be alot of Birthdays in November. I am not sure of the exact dates, but the following people are celebrating birthdays this month..... Me, Shaff, Prince, Armando, and Bri..... So myself and Shaffer asked Mike from the "11th Hour Night Club" (in the Dome) if we could throw a party there. He agreed so here are the details...

    November Birthday Smash
    @ "11th hour in the Dome"
    Friday November 11th, 11pm
    (click here for directions)
    There is a theme.... A Luau... what is that? Well, it is a Hawaiin themed party.... you know grass skirts, leis, hawaiin shirts, maybe a coconut bra. It is going to be a wild drunken night and everyone that is reading this is invited, and you can bring as many friends as you would like. 18 and over, and no underage drinking. The party ends when it ends.

    Prince, Shaff and Bri.... you are in charge of getting the whole West crew to join us.

    Friday, November 04, 2005

    It's my Birthday.....

    Well it is officially now my BIRTHDAY..... and no one has noticed so far, and I am guessing it will be a rather uneventful day. YAY for my BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    My Birthday Wishlist
    1. A Puppy
    2. Portable MP3 Player
    3. Sex with Carmen Electra
    4. Sex with Carmen Electra
    5. Sex with Carmen Electra
    6. Make out with Coffee Princess
    Ok, so now it is 3:30am... and I have had two people acknowledge my Birthday. Thank you FER... for a great birthday so far. I can't wait 'til tomorrow, and I am so happy I got to see you this morning... it has been so long since the last time, but I was right when I remembered something from back in the day. This may be one of the best birthdays I can remember.... guess we will see tomorrow. Thank you for.... I don't know..... being you. Have fun at the chinchilla farm... and please make sure you shower before I see you.... or we could just conserve water and........ well use your imagination.


    There seem to be alot of Birthdays in November. I am not sure of the exact dates, but the following people are celebrating birthdays this month..... Me, Shaff, Prince, Armando, and Bri..... So myself and Shaffer asked Mike from the "11th Hour Night Club" (in the Dome) if we caould throw a party there. He agreed so here are the details...

    November Birthday Smash
    @ "11th hour in the Dome"
    Friday November 11th, 11pm

    (click here for directions)
    There is a theme.... A Luau... what is that? Well, it is a Hawaiin themed party.... you know grass skirts, leis, hawaiin shirts, maybe a coconut bra. It is going to be a wild drunken night and everyone that is reading this is invited, and you can bring as many friends as you would like. 18 and over, and no underage drinking. The party ends when it ends.

    Prince, Shaff and Bri.... you are in charge of getting the whole West crew to join us.

    Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    4 Companies and Igloos....

    I have a friend that has a great theory that I would like to share with the rest of you.... this theory may change the world. The basis of said theory is that we could survive as a society with the presence of merely 4 companies in our world. Make sure to check out the links......
    1. Walmart- Think about it. What can't you get at this place? It is open 24 hours a day, and it surely is a cultural gemstone. Also, their closest competitor, Target has yearly profits of less than half of the great store. Imagine your competition not even being competitive!
    2. Starbucks- There are 275 store is New York City alone! That is crazy. And even crazier is in some locations you can actually see another location across the street!! Even in Japan, where they don't care for coffee ( they prefer tea ), Starbucks has been successful( even after Dunkin' Donuts failed ).
    3. Google- This one I can't explain too much. I mean it is a great search engine... If you can't find it on Google, you are an idiot. I was surprised when I searched for my own name.... I found my profile. Try your name!
    4. China- This one I love!!! Last time I checked China was not a company, but they might as well be. They make everything. In fact I am sure something that you are touching right now was made in China. No? Well, I am uncomfortable knowing you are standing naked reading this! A company of a billion people... wow, and I bet they would all love to shop at Walmart, drink Starbucks coffee ( even though if I drink coffee, it's always from Raptis Coffee.... Starbucks can't touch it ), and Google their own names!
    I want to thank FER for this great idea, and I love it!!! I also want to get into the Igloo (egloo) building. I cannot wait. I even found a site that teaches you how to build Igloos!!!! Click here to see the amazing process!

    Also here is a great anti-Starbucks website.

    Also, a anti-Walmart website.

    Meet Mr. Anti-Google.
    There seems to be an anti site for everything.....

    Make sure you visit Raptis Coffee, and check out the great coffee portraits.... can Starbucks offer that.... I think not!!!

    On a sidenote.... Don't you love when you can talk on the phone for hours with someone.... about nothing? It's great. You amaze me......

    Tuesday, November 01, 2005

    Chapter 4... Growing up... Fast

    This story is going to take a few days, maybe weeks.... I will have all the chapters in this blue, so you can navigate.

    ...(con't).... So, I had a different childhood from most of my friends. I lived with my alcoholic father and his mother for a couple years in a very small trailer. I hardly ever got to see my mother and sister, and I did not understand this very much. I was not too far away ( it was a 20 minute drive ), and I thought for a long time that my mother did not want to see me. She assures me that this was not the case, and has tried to convince me that my father did not want to bring me to see her. I am not sure what the truth is to this day. Anyways, after a couple of years, my father decided that he did not want to be a refridgerator repair man anymore and he bought the local bar from a friend of his. It was called "The Hitching Post", and it got this name from when there were no cars, and horses were the way of transportation. You would "hitch" you horse to a "post" outside the bar. (It is now called "Shevies") It was a small bar in the center of town, in between the grocery store and the car dealership, and almost every local would drown their sorrows there, so there was a good business opportunity in the idea. Vienna is a drinking town, that is for sure. My dad was actually a good businessman, and he decided to make some changes. He totally gave the inside of the bar an overhaul, he added a pavillion in the back, and tried to clean up the crowd. He also added a "Brothers Pizza Shop" next door in a empty storage space. He did not own "Brothers", but he charged a nice rent. I ate there for free daily! The crowd was very big, and it consisted of mostly regulars. He had to be making money hand over fist. I think to own a bar, you have to trust the people that worked there.... he did. The workers were like family to me.... I mean they had to be because my dad was always drunk, or too busy with some bar fly. I do have to admit that he did do alot of good things with his money. He donated alot of money to the MDA and to MS organizations... he also sponsered just about every event in town. He was never a terrible guy... just a terrible father. I learned to play pool out of boredom, and it was not long before I was beating the adults on a regular basis. People would often be sitting at the bar and ask "So, where is this kid that plays pool so well?" I would be around somewhere, and my dad would come find me to play some drunk. "Listen son, I have $100 on this game... so do not lose." What pressure. I would rarely lose... but saw no money. LOL. I would do my homework at the bar, while my dad got trashed. I can't even remember how many times I got home at 3 am. I was 12! There were a couple of families that took me in as there own, usually it was the mother that would make me come to their house after school, do my homework, eat a good meal.... have some structure. It was nice not having to see miserable people drinking all day, while they complained about their lives. It was also nice having someone care about me, it was nice having "brothers" and "sisters". They were not the most normal families, but I want to thank Dorraine Bernhard and her sons Brandon, Justin and Aaron.... Peggy and Tom(RIP) Totten and their kids Jamie and Kris.... and Joe McNerney(RIP) and his sons Sean and Brendan(RIP). Sigh.... Brendan.... I guess this calls for a sidenote, so I will tell you about Brendan "Benny" McNerney.....( con't ).....


    "Shevies" ( formerly "The Hitching Post" )

    IGA ( formerly SuperDuper)

    Drive Thru



    Trailer Park


    Oh yeah.... I also wanted to mention that I ran into an old friend of mine at "The Dome" this weekend, and I could not be happier. And for the record, you stopped calling me.... I would never do something like that. And I won't do it again..... lol, that makes no sense. Cancel the trip to Vegas.... it's my 25th Birthday(wink)! I miss you already..... you hang up.... no you.... no you.... 1,2,3.......Smile! I can't believe you just said that.... but "omlette" this one slide.
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